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Some of Our 5-Star Reviews

  • I love you guys I will give you guys a 5 star review!

    Andrew Jackson Middle School

  • I highly recommend this Petland! Great service! All my questions were answered and the process was made so easy coming home with my fur baby. I instantly fell in love with him after seeing him on their website and we instantly clicked when they gave Mr time to spend a few minutes with him before making my decision. He was given a bath before leaving and we came home with extra perks. Loved it!

    Lisa Carruthers

  • You tell our furbaby loved those girls. Took good care of him. All the pets are so pretty and cute!!Had a great experience.

    April Weatherman_Kennedy

  • Friendliest staff members I've ever encountered in a pet store and also very helpful and intelligent about the animals and products. It's the only place I buy fish from and now recently became a leopard gecko owner meaning there now my dealer in crickets, mealworms, and waxworms. Thanks guys for making being a pet owner even more rewarding.

    Michael Whitt

  • I would like to compliment the staff at Petland Charleston, WV. The "two" Aleeshas were both very patient, knowledgeable and personable in dealing with my indecisiveness about choosing my fur baby. All of the pets were precious and special in their own
    way. I finally decided on a handsome French Bulldog that I named Gus (Buster) 😂 He captured my heart with his soulful eyes & perky ears. He's only been in our family a short while, but he's already brought smiles, hugs and laughter..…can't wait to see what
    each new day brings. Again, thank you to both Aleshas for being so helpful! Petland is lucky to have both of you!!💕

    Sandra Rasi

  • YARA she is AMAZING at what she does She definitely has a LOVE for several animals including reptiles blew my mind she had knowledge about a savanna monitor and she was very helpful for my purchase today and she should be recognized for her kindness throughout my time with her. She will make many customers with a smile on their faces as they walk out of Petland!
    Thank you for hiring people who care for animals including reptiles animals because the other guys don’t care to know extra knowledge on reptiles…Yara did.

    Ashley Chaney

  • Cages always clean and the best people to help u out when needed

    Jerry stowers

  • Comfortable atmosphere

    Michael Tucker

  • The employee was super helpful and very knowledgeable of his field. Great service!

    Colton Albright

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